Our Beautiful Winemakers

Sustainably focussed, hard-working tasty bloody winemakers.

The producers we work with are those that bring joy into our lives and inspire us to be ceaselessly fascinated. They make wines without unnecessary interference and they respect the land that they harvest from. Herculean, the lot of them.



Andy & Emma Cummins are challengers in the Barossa alongside the likes of Dan Standish & Fraser McKinlay. Their wines, in my opinion, are some of the most integral expressions of the region of the last decade. Taking a precise look at what the Barossa means today, more than what we expect from the Barossa, they focus mainly on blends to showcase truly regional styles over Varietal. The amount of life and finesse in their wines are testament to the diversity that we can see from our most famous wine region.

Phil Lobley

Phil Lobley is one of those absolute gems that you find when you start looking at some of Australia’s lesser known growing regions. He’s been crafting such joyous wines out of his little shed in the Yea Valley since he planted the vines on the hillside next to his house back in 1995. You talk to Phil and you just so quickly see the love and connection he has to his land, caring for it with the best interests of the local plants and wildlife in mind, it’s one of the most pure examples of self-sustaining agriculture you could possibly find.

Ari’s Natural Wine Co.

Just to start off with a thanks, this bloke Tony Zafirakos has finally made our ears perk up for a region that hasn’t really had a champion up until now. He’s taken the true potential of the Southern Highlands of NSW and unignorably put it on show. His efforts to make clean, resonating wines without the need to clap on about how much cash you spent on a particular type of oak have led so many to pay attention to this fledgling, cool climate region and the Australian wine scene is all the richer for it.
But what truly makes him stand out as a real individual winemaker is his approach to show respect to both where the fruit comes from as well as where his family come from, his winemaking techniques are his way to interpret the traditional Greek winemaking of his father (Ari) and that of what he feels drawn to in the modern world. The result is like nothing else and exactly what we needed.

Charlotte Dalton

Charlotte Hardy is truly what I would consider a winemaker’s winemaker, her wines are enjoyable in every aspect for any drinker at all but they can hold such a fascination if someone is looking into the finer, more minute aspects of what the wine represents. Charlotte has to be one of the most detail-oriented winemakers I’ve ever met, and it not only shows but it’s impossible not to notice. The Queen of the Adelaide Hills being a part of our selection is such an honor and is exciting as hell to be able to offer to those that come through our door.

Dirty Black Denim

For winemakers that call Melbourne home, the brothers Tim & Lawrence Scanlon have found an incredible opportunity to bring in fruit from across Victoria’s growing regions and show it at its best; pure, reflective & expressive as hell. They have their own magical way of being able to introduce alternative winemaking methods and lesser seen varietals to drinkers in a way that they can instantly appreciate and enjoy fully & endlessly. It’s wine for the people, not the pedestal. For Glou, they’ll always hold a place in hearts, because the first wine Rahel and I ever drank together was one of theirs.

Ben Haines

Ben Haines is a name that turns heads, not because of some wanky prestige or accruement of Halliday points, but because he makes wines in a very serious way that can come across like you’re missing some sleight of hand. He takes fruit off a patch of land that you’ve drunk wines from before, then in the winery it goes seemingly through very familiar processes but somehow, almost magically, it comes out in the glass expressing something that you have never seen from that fruit before, like he’s made a deal with it to finally share secrets it had kept close to its chest up until now. The guy is a fucking magician and we’re over the moon to have his act dazzling our taps.

Noisy Ritual

Alex Byrne, royalty of Melbourne’s North and a mega-phone for this generation of winemakers. He is a winemaker that has pushed at every level to break down so many norms that were just accepted instead of questioned, the industry at large has become a far more accessible and lively place due to his efforts. The wines he creates at Noisy Ritual reflect perfectly this mentality, they are welcoming, they are inclusive, they are just wholesome and they are at home on a communal table.

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