Glou, as a concept, came about due to a disconnect in how we make wine and how we sell it.

The time is now!

We are in a time now where there is such a strong community of grape growers and winemakers that are pushing at every front to produce wine in a way that is the kindest and least destructive we can be to the world around us, what they achieve year in and year out is impressive to say the least.

The Disconnect

The disconnect is realised when that wine goes to market. It finds itself in single use glass, under single closures wrapped up in single use labels.

Recycling problem

As much as these things can go into our recycling bins, unfortunately in Australia that system is far from ideal and couldn’t be considered as meeting its goals.

Why we do what we do

Glou is Sustainably and Ethically focused

To try and mitigate this problem our approach is to work directly with winemakers to take wine from the barrel straight into 30 litre kegs to then be given to you in bottles that you can bring back into the store to be refilled. The benefits of this lay not just in the reduction of resources being produced into single use vessels to be discarded, but it reduces the weight involved in transporting the wines by nearly half, meaning the carbon footprint is drastically reduced.

The added benefit of this approach also drops the price of these wines considerably, by cutting out the cost of packaging and a range of other associated costs it brings the wine to you at up to 30% cheaper than buying it in bottle.

It’s win after win after win.

Glou’s goal is not to be a self-righteous soapbox on which to preach sustainability, but simply a place where we can all be together to explore solutions to the problems our world faces, as this is only one step in our collective journey forward.

Everyone would love to have you along for the ride.

The artist
behind Glou

Georg KornerHe's a true artist with no social media presence.
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