Savignin by Ben Cooke


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Savagnin, not Sauvignon, Savagnin, is arguably a highly under-represented grape outside of the oxy beasts of the Jura, why? Fuck knows. It’s such an applicable wine to how we eat and how we drink in Australia. Riesling flirting with Chardy would probably be a good way to think about the varietal and texture flirting with acidity is probably a good way to think about Ben’s hands-down incredible run at it. A picture of Torvill’s skates being Mediterranean citrus and Dean’s skates being fine-boned texture pops into my head, dancing in a hypnotic flow of precision & sheer beauty, conjuring emotion next to tangible enjoyment. Let this dance with clean hearty dishes like baked fish or charred veg and you’ll smile, that’s a promise.

Disclaimer: We hold no liability if Torvill & Dean is potentially too dated of a reference, soz.

Variety: Savagnin

Region: Adelaide Hills

Category: White

ABV%: 13.5%