Rasa Winston


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Hands down this is one of the most energetic wines I’ve drunk in recent months, I get into the shop each day and see it there on the taps and still pinch myself, it’s a dream I worry I may wake from. It seems a simple idea, Grenache and Carignan from the Barossa, the Grenache goes through carbonic maceration to really pick up those plush red fruits, the Carignan swings around in the back to fill the wine out and bring a bit more depth. But instead of just ending up with “a well balanced wine”, you have these two things living side by side but, in a very real sense, doing their own thing. It lives in two worlds, you have this bright, lively red but that still captures that generosity and warmth of the Barossa, a duality, a play in two acts that run concurrently, call it what you will, it’s bliss.

Variety: Carignan & Grenache

Region: Barossa Valley, SA

ABV: 12.4%