Rasa ‘Julia’


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Do you remember that time that your friend told you about when they spent too much time in a florist? No, you don’t, because florists are lovely places to be and you’re always happy there. Can’t spend any time in a florist because of lockdown? Well, let me introduce you to Julia. Muscat Blanc flowing softly from the inclines of the Barossa, Andy has gently seized a beautiful opportunity here, he guides this aromatic varietal and then lends to it just the right number of days on its skins to rise it to a point of pure fragrancy, just lifted and loving. It’s a room full of white lilies on a warm day, it has a sense of substance and feels like it almost hugs you but then wisps away on a thought like an energy that you can taste well after it’s gone.

Variety: Muscat Blanc

Region: Barossa Valley, SA

ABV: 11.4%