Nebbiolo by Little Reddie


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Cracking Pat’s Nebbiolo takes me on this peculiar little journey, I can’t help but have this ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids’ moment where Rick Moranis has busted me up with his ray and set me off walking down a corridor flanked by high walls of taut, shiny cherry skin separated by a path of fuzzy, crunchy Tomato leaves. It sounds silly but this Heathcote Nebbiolo is just that, immense, savoury foliage that’s bolstered by this tart, young and gonna-let-you-know fruit. The wine is pure clarity, there’s nothing messy or murky just immense definition. Rock it up on the table with dinner and it’s one of the most versatile reds around, a fresh acid structure and light-to-medium weight serves it well.

Region: Heathcote, VIC

Category: Red

ABV%: 13%