Fortnightly Subscription

From: $30.00 every 2 weeks and a $8.00 sign-up fee


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Welcome to the Glou subscription service, and thank you for not only trusting our selection, but also for making such an effort to reuse & refill, rather than landfill.

# red-ish (predominantly red, or red-ish wines)

# white-ish (predominantly white, or white-ish wines)

# mixed bunch (a wild mix of all the goodies)

Every fortnight, we will deliver new wine(s) straight to your home and collect your old bottles in the same swift motion. Just like the milkman used to! 

Our bottle sizes are a bit different from what you see in regular bottle shops. Instead of 750ml, we offer either 500ml or 1000ml formats.

As always, at your first purchase, we charge a fully refundable bottle deposit. You can cancel your subscription at any point in time. To receive your bottle deposit refund, just send us an email to and we will organise the pick up and your full refund.