Dirty Black Denim ‘Rancho Relaxo’


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The words ‘King Valley’ tend to just bring to mind well-priced Prosecco and Pinot Grigio, I will strongly argue that the region need be more broadly seen for what it deeply is though, an irreplaceable gem in the crown of Australian Wine. The bracing cool of the high-altitude Alpine nights plays off its warm days in a fine-tuned balance that gives the wines this pristine, focussed and immaculately clean sense to them. So of course the first point of call in mind for Tim & Lawrence when it comes to Dolcetto, it’s not hot & messy over-ripe, weirdly sweet Dolcetto as is too often seen in Aussie expressions, it’s driven, vivaciously fresh and widens the eyes, like a water-bomb full of cranberry juice hurled into your face. Chill down and feel its love.


Region: King Valley, VIC

ABV%: 12.5%