Phil Lobley ‘A Blend of Fields’


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It’s been too many months since the lovely Lobley has graced our taps but the sun came out and I’m sure with the express purpose of celebrating this day that his wines make a Glou return. ‘A Blend of Fields’ is the paths of Merlot from the Yea Valley, Pinot Noir from Kangaroo Ground & Pinot Noir from Strathewan converging to form a road to sunnier days ahead. It lifts out of the glass with a knowledge of where it’s from, telling tales of Eucalypt and petrichor, the plush bouncing fruit finishes the story clean and lively. It’s red for spring, it’s red for the days ahead when we sit next to our friends and laugh & cry, chill it down a bit and enjoy the affections it brings.

Regions: Yea Valley & Yarra Valley

ABV%: 12%